Space for Cincinnati’s ‘Queens’

Deskey Delivers Empowering Space for Cincinnati’s ‘Queens’ (September 2015)

Price Hill, OH – Local branding firm Deskey, in support of Cradle Cincinnati’s initiative to end infant mortality, marked the grand reopening of the Price Hill Health Center today with the unveiling of a newly designed waiting area for expectant mothers.

Lack of prenatal care is a key risk factor for preterm birth and infant death. By transforming Hamilton County health facilities into more comfortable, welcoming spaces, Deskey and Cradle Cincinnati hope to raise the likelihood that an expectant mother will schedule and attend a prenatal care visit.

“If we’re going to end infant mortality, we need to remove every obstacle to adequate prenatal care,” said Councilmember and Cradle Cincinnati Co-chair Wendell Young. “Creating a welcoming and encouraging space is a great place to start.”

The design of the new Price Hill waiting area is based on a current Cradle Cincinnati anti-smoking campaign created by Deskey that positions Cincinnati moms-to-be as the “Queens of our City,” each with the power to quit smoking for her baby. In addition to a new floor, comfortable furniture, and handmade toy blocks, the waiting area features a mirror surrounded by empowering “Queen City” messaging that inspires women to take responsibility for their own health.

“This was an amazing opportunity to do something meaningful in our community,” said Deskey CEO Doug Studer. “Our hope is that little things like the Price Hill waiting room add up to ensure that every Cincinnati baby reaches his or her first birthday.”

The project was led by Deskey Senior Designer Sasha Milton and DAAP Professor Ryan Mulligan with help from Deskey employees Chris Rowland, Matthew Baughn, Laura Thomas, Matt Bledsoe, Josh Wolfer, Matt Stevenson, Jenny Hilton and Debbie Happe, and support from Cradle Cincinnati Executive Director Ryan Adcock.
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